July 14, 2014

Recent Racing Updates

She really has come a long way, even with just this year already!
This year has certainly tested me as a driver so far. Running into various problems at the start of the year in which the car hasn't been able to preform at 100%, which in turn forced me to have to drive as fast as I could. Now with all of my issues taken care of, the RX-8 is back in action and I can focus on driving fast, and fine tuning the car as much as possible for Nationals this year. Because I've spent most of my free time working towards fixing the car, working, or racing, I haven't really had time to post about each individual event. Below is a short and sweet condensed version of the changes I made, followed by links to all the new (also VERY condensed) posts related to each all the races I attended in June, complete with results and video.

Fixes & Changes
Before getting into the races, I just wanted to point out everything that needed to be replaced for the various problems I was experiencing and trying to troubleshoot for a while:
  • Fuel Pump and Housing, replaced
  • Fixed minor exhaust leak on my exhaust system
  • Fuel Injectors, replaced all six with cleaned & flow tested injectors
  • Ignition Coils, Wires, Spark plugs, replaced and upgraded to BHR's latest kit
  • Eccentric Shaft Position Sensor, replaced
  • Throttle Body, replaced due to faulty Throttle Position Sensor
  • Retune of the car due to all the changes made
Once all that was solved and taken care of, I was able to add on the following parts:
I've got my header! Whoohoo!
The header finally came my way and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. The car certainly had more low-end and mid-range it felt like, and will be getting a comparison dyno of the header in the near future. The rear springs were added so that I could fight the push I was getting at low-speed elements and put my rear swaybar back to full soft. It helped immensely and the car feels a lot more neutral again, with a nice push at high speed for fast slaloms and sweepers, allowing me to stay on the throttle for those elements.

Race Posts & Results
5-18 / SCCA NER 3rd Points Event
  • Class Results: 2nd in Pro Class
  • PAX Results: 2nd out of 162

5-24 / Renegade Miata 2nd Points Event
  • Class Results: 2nd in DSP, 2nd in Other Mazda's Category
  • PAX Results: 2nd out of 65

6-7, 6-8 / TireRack SCCA Northeast Match Tour
  • Saturday's Class Results: 1st in DSP
  • Saturday's PAX Results: 10th out of 148
  • Sunday's Bracket Results: Knocked Out in 1st Round
  • Sunday's PAX Results: 9th out of 139
  • Average PAX Results: 8th out of 139

6-21 / Renegade Miata 4th Points Event
  • Class Results: 1st in CS, 1st in Other Mazda's Category (Co-drove Brian's stock RX-8)
  • PAX Results: 12th out of 57

6-22 / SCCA NER 5th Points Event
  • Class Results: 1st in DSP
  • PAX Results: 11th out of 132

7-6 / BMW CCA 4th Points Event
  • Class Results: 1st in DSP, 1st in J (J is a combined class for BMW CCA)
  • PAX Results: 1st out of 92

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