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This blog is a means to share my passions, experiences and growth in the vast world of Motorsports. What you will find on this website are posts regarding my racing career, training both on the track and off the track, my experiences with my race car builds, racing videos, tuning and modification DIYs, collaborations with sponsors and tuners, car gatherings, aftermarket parts reviews, and MUCH more.

RE-Zelse was the original name of this blog and started in 2008. I focused mostly on my research and development on the RX-8 platform. In late 2013, I changed the name of the blog to Monnar Motorsports. I wanted this blog to become something more than just a useful repository of RX-8 information and some simple race coverage. My thought was, "wouldn't it be cool to read about the growth and experiences of a race car driver, starting at the grassroots level and going up from there?". Insight on my victories, defeats, struggles, thoughts and opinions, what I've learned, and all of my experiences both on and off the track.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that anything I share here is entertaining and helpful in whatever way possible!

More to come...

Serenity is the name of my current autocross project. My passion for the rotary engine, my research and development, the connections I have made, and much more has lead me to own another Mazda RX-8. The meaning of Serenity is "balance", which the RX-8 is widely known for. 

The project started in early 2011, and the initial results of the build were promising as I managed to take 1st place in my class for the year in the SCCA New England Region club

Since then, this car has undergone even more development and fine tuning, while continuing to get faster and faster. In 2013, my sponsor Black Halo Racing was able to help make it possible for my co-driver and I to compete in the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship (Solo Nationals). My co-driver had managed to place 4th out of 19 drivers in the class, which was a great finish for the car, as it did great at local events as well.

In 2014, more work went into the car to make it even faster and stronger, focusing on bringing out it's full potential. Thanks to the support of my sponsors, Black Halo Racing and Wankel Works, I was able to accomplish my goals for the car and be ready for the year. The car has placed top 5 overall (PAX standings) at almost every local club racing event. With a strong year both locally and at National level events, I was excited to see how far both myself and the car has come at the Solo Nationals this time around. I pulled off a very tight win of 4th out of 15 drivers in the class, and was 61st overall out of 1,157 competitors, which was a great way to end the season.

2016 will be an even better year, with some slight setup adjustments, new partnerships, and mostly improving myself more as a driver, so that the car can come home with an even bigger trophy.