January 31, 2009

Dent Sport Garage - DSG University 102

Today was the second class of the Dent Sport Garge University (DSG). DSG is a tuning firm in Norwood Massachusetts that can do just about anything you want to a car, from simple ECU tuning to full out roll-cage and prepared cars. They are mostly popular for their Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution prepared vehicles and tuning.

DSG University is a simple get together at their shop with a focused explanation of whatever topic is on for that day. They had served a quick breakfast, and some sandwhich things for lunch. Today’s class was focused on track racing and some hill climbing. They went over the essentials of what types of track racing their was and what clubs do it, from Time Trials (Time Attacks I like to call them), to simple un-timed club racing. Not long after, they went over some of the other clubs, and the motorsport known as “Hillclimbing”, which I never heard of until now.

It was very informational over all, even some of the things like the tech inspection and simple reminders to make a list of things you will need for race day. I really liked that they had instructors from some of the clubs they were advertising so that I could ask them whatever questions I needed to, such as how they run things, what kind of classes they offer, etc. Seeing the shop was also a nice experience, and getting familiar with the DSG crew as well was beneficial, should I wish to get any car work done that I can’t do myself.

Stayed tuned on my 2009 schedule to see any other DSG University classes, or even check out their google calendar here. Because it was quite an enjoyable experience and I got to get a feel for the clubs I want to join once I start track, I got two DSG window stickers in orange, and a shift knob from them in a nice flat black as a souvenir. To be honest, the shift knob was so well made and designed in such a fashion that I’ve always wanted (but could never find), I was willing to pay triple what I paid for the knob. Thanks for the good time DSG! Pictures on their website are here.

January 30, 2009

Cobb Accessport

Usually, one of the first things people recommend to others to modify there cars is something along the lines of a exhaust, maybe some wheels, or intake or something trivial. To be honest, this is one of those things that I thought I was going to get after all my power modifications, ranging from full exhaust and intake to ignition, etc etc. I regret that decision since owning this.

The COBB Access Port has made my engine feel as if it was fresh off the line from Mazda. The power and torque increase isn't something to scream about, but it's more of a enthusiast enjoyment. It's there, you notice it, and the best part is, the car feels very smooth when revving all the way to the new red line, 9,300 RPM. Some of the major highlights of this are
-Maps that come with the Access Port, such as
  • Stage 1 Tune - Made for mostly stock RX8s (basic exhaust mods and intake at most...but you can run it regardless and still get good results), and sets 9300 red line
  • Your own custom maps made by using the "Race Tuner" software that comes with it.
  • Anti-Theft Map - Engine will not start....period.
  • Valet Parking Map - Engine will not rev past 3750 RPMs
  • Or back to Stock
-Live data logging/monitoring
-View check engine lights and clear them

And a few other neat things. I highly recommend this as even just a first mod, as it's not that expensive, you can learn a lot about your car using the Data logging (seeing if ignition is not that great, maybe a drop in different areas of the power band, etc) and more. Thanks Cobb for the great product, and a big up to Jim for selling me his Cobb Access Port and great service. You can check Jim's blog by going to the links section and checking out R-Energy in motion.

January 14, 2009

ARC Titanium Radiator Hood Panel

Ordered this neat little piece from Works Concepts. They had a deal I couldn't pass up, and it's very rare. A nice looking titanium panel that replaces the stock plastic panel. I usually buy functional performance parts, but this is what I like to call, a "fuctional performance bling". Does it do what it really says it does? No idea.

Apparently it is supposed to increase cooling efficiency by collecting air flow to the radiator. How is this different from the stock plastic one? No idea. But to me it is functional in the sense that it looks great, and it is original because most people that do swap this part out, usually go with the Aluminm panel made by GReddy. Functionally functional as bling sounds about right to me. Thanks to Eric over at Works Concepts for the quick and great service.
The small writing next to the ARC logo reads, "The ARC MAGIC is wonders assenbled project. They present comfortable and unknown car life with ARC magic power."

January 1, 2009

Best Motoring International - Type R Legend

Calling all Honda enthusiasts...This is a must have. Regardless of the video's age (1998-1999), it is an excellent resource of information regarding the legendary type R line up from Honda. The video has various coverage from the NSX Type R, to the Civic Type R, and to the Integra Type R. Mr. Ichishima, president of SPOON (tuning company that exclusively tunes Honda vehicles) is featured in a full interview and explains his love for Hondas over other car manufacturers. It is great to see the timeline of Honda's flagship sports cars, along with the information regarding each one individually. Again, a must buy for any Honda enthusiast, or anyone who enjoys Honda sports cars of the 90's.

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!

I apologize for the delay in updates but I am sure you know, holidays usually are very hectic. I managed to squeeze in some time today to post up what I have received this year for Christmas that is car related, as well as a few other posts (Posted under January 1st) that were overdue.

2009 is a brand new year with brand new parts waiting to be tested and reviewed! Just because I did not recieve it for Christmas, does not mean I don't have new parts on the way, so stay tuned!

It looks like I was a good boy this year as I got some of the best presents ever. I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos, and for some reason I can't even take close up pictures with this camera. It looks like I will need to upgrade sometime soon. Below is a list along with a few pictures of the items.

1. Black Mazdaspeed RX8 replica toy from Jada Toys - Custom edited by Altspace ( Thanks Josh!) This thing looks great in person with Gundam details and the works. Going to sit on my dash when I take my car to car shows for sure.

2. Poorboy's World Starter Kit of Microfiber towels from Stephanie, my girlfriend. List below
  1. 16 x 16 Mega Plush Towel for wax & polish removal and Quick Detailing
  2. 16 x 16 Deluxe Mega Towel for wax & polish removal and Quick Detailing
  3. 21 x 36 Large Velvet Smooth Towel for glass, Quick Detailing and final buffing
  4. 24 x 36 Waffle Weave super absorbent drying towel
  5. 16 x 16 Velvet Smooth Glass Towel for glass and final buffing
  6. 16 x 16 Work Towel for all purpose polishing and cleaning
  7. Mega Plush Microfiber Mitt with thumb and cuff for interiors, washing, and buffering
3. Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe quick detailer from Stephanie

4. Clay Magic Perfect Finish - Claybar and Clay Lube set from Greenblurr. Thanks a million James!

5. Piloti Prototipo Leather - Saddle - The best shoes I've ever had. They look great, feel amazing. Thanks to Stephanie for the awesome gifts. Heel and toe in these shoes has never been easier, as when I perform the technique, it feels as though my toe is literally bolted onto the brake pedal and can rotate over easily. An odd feeling, but it makes it much easier and less room for mistake, as well as less worry on braking too hard.

6. King Dragon Karting Gloves - From my good friend at work, Sergey. He uses these for when he does autocross as well and wanted to get me some gear for this season. Picked them up at HMS Motorsports but they don't seem to have them anymore on their webpage...

7. Secrets of SOLO RACING - by Henry A. Watts - Got this from Astral (Oleg). Great book from the chapter or two that I have had time to read so far. Very impressive in terms of teaching you not only techniques, but situations you should be on the lookout for when racing.

8. TSX Replica Projector Lens 2.5" from Retrofit Source - Thanks to Mom for this one. She ordered it for me when she overheard me talking about it one day. The RX8 stock bulb is perfectly fine with excellent output, but oddly, our projector lens is rippled. Replacing the stock lens out with a clear lens will make a much bigger improvement over just changing your bulbs. Look for a post in the near future for when I do this install.

9. Granes High Quality Car Freshener - Pure Squash - Thanks to SmokeHonda for this (Scott). Smells great and keeps the interior clear of any odors that were left in the car from the previous passenger... The odors we don't nessicarily enjoy. Great scents with a wide selection of scents.

10. Rotor Shaped Dish - Thanks to Stephanie for finding this. Just a small something to remind me of my love for rotory engines.

11. Test Headlight - Thanks to Greenblurr for this. An old headlight of his that he does not need, allowing me to use this headlight to test my baking skills. This will be great so incase I mess up, I won't ruin my actual headlights.

Thanks again everyone! Happy Motoring!