July 20, 2014

Concrete Practice @ Brunswick

MM and Hazard, ready for action
Couldn't make it into the Wilmington Tour's list? No problem. About two and a half hours north of Devens Airfield is a great Naval air station in East Brunswick, Maine. The main reason I wanted to go to Wilmington in the first place was to get practice on concrete. Considering I can now get that practice closer, cheaper, more runs, and more of a relaxed event... I'm there like swimwear.

July 14, 2014

Recent Racing Updates

She really has come a long way, even with just this year already!
This year has certainly tested me as a driver so far. Running into various problems at the start of the year in which the car hasn't been able to preform at 100%, which in turn forced me to have to drive as fast as I could. Now with all of my issues taken care of, the RX-8 is back in action and I can focus on driving fast, and fine tuning the car as much as possible for Nationals this year. Because I've spent most of my free time working towards fixing the car, working, or racing, I haven't really had time to post about each individual event. Below is a short and sweet condensed version of the changes I made, followed by links to all the new (also VERY condensed) posts related to each all the races I attended in June, complete with results and video.

July 6, 2014

Shakedown @ BMW with Amy

Photo credit to Jesus Mendez - Garage 15
Nationals is getting closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more ready for it this time around. I was fortunate enough to have Amy Dilks of Stripes Racing and EFI Logics come out and test drive the car. Amy is a phenomenal NASA TT and Autocrosser from New York, and I'm trying to convince her to come on out to Nationals with me this year and compete in DSPL.