July 14, 2012

STX Fun @ Renegade

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
I've been on the fence lately about how my car setup feels, especially in regards to the differential. That being said, I decided to co-drive with Dave for this event and have some fun. This car has come a very long way since the last time I drove it. New Ohlins coilovers, exhaust, wheels and tires, and some other goodies have made this car a serious STX competitor this year. After a few runs in it, I can see why! Sadly however, this will probably be the last time I get to race this car, as Dave has put it up for sale. If you're interested, his for sale post is here.

July 8, 2012

Fresh Rubber For NER!

Mmmm... Fresh Hoosiers
Nothing beats the feeling of running some fresh Hoosiers on the car, don't you think? Since our last set of Hoosiers A6 tires were completely useless at this point, John had picked up a brand new set to last us the rest of the season (Thanks again John!). Time for me to stop driving slow and make a come back!

July 6, 2012

Blueberry's Bruise

Rotors and Eccentric Shaft freshly removed 
Found the problem with Blueberry; Eccentric shaft. As pictured above, the eccentric shaft connects the two rotors together inside our rotary engines. When that very shaft is off standard specifications by a fraction of a millimeter, things can go wrong. Fortunately enough I have a spare motor that will be used for a donor eccentric shaft (e-shaft). There is a fancy dial indicator on its way to measure my spare e-shaft before it goes back into the block with a fresh set of seals.