June 22, 2014

Not So Well @ NER

Photo credit to Chang Ho Kim - FunPhotos
This was not a very good event for me unfortunately. Ironic because now that I have finally sorted out all o my problems and the car is at 100%, I drive as hard as I need to. That didn't seem to be the case during this event...

Double turning, hitting cones everywhere, late on key elements.. It wasn't good. I had to slow down a bit just to make sure I at least got a clean run in. Not sure what had gotten into me this event, but as my favorite racer once said,
"Even monkeys fall out of trees." - Keiichi Tsuchiya

My fastest run was a '55.034 +4 cones that I just barely nicked each time. My fastest clean time was a '55.409. Good enough for 11th in PAX overall. The rest of the results are located here on NER's website. Below is a video of my fastest clean run, followed by my fastest dirty run.

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