September 29, 2010

The End?

As some of you may have heard already, I unfortunately was in a car accident recently. Given how the car behaved by suddenly pulling left into the guard rail that is in the middle of the road, we're guessing it was some sort of suspension/steering failure. The steering wheel never moved from my hands, but the car went left regardless. As you can see from the pictures, it is a complete total, but not a total loss to me. I will be salvaging as much as I can and decide from there what I should do next.
What does this mean for RE-Zelse? Absolutely nothing. I will still be doing posts about various events that I attend, just will be with less pictures of my car for obvious reasons. I will also be doing posts about different tuning shops in the area, any relevant RX-8 information I come across, some ideas I'll be coming up with for cars to purchase, etc. Most likely it will be another rotary powered car, so I can continue my pursuit in building a rotary powered monster, with superior handling and linear, high-revving power. For now, stay tuned on the news for what is to come. Thanks for the support everyone.

September 19, 2010

Cars & Copters 2

It's that time of year again for the gigantic Cars and Copters meet over at the Plymouth Municipal Airport. Last year was a great event, with over 500 cars having had shown up throughout the day. This year had over 800 cars show up throughout the day, with a lot of variety this year. From really nice American Muscle, to new age Japanese Muscle, they variety was there.Posted are some pictures I took of the NEPOC members meeting up before going in together. Then there is some shots of her on display with Domo-Kun in the driver seat, along with some other rotary goodies and some of my favorite cars at the show.Below are the non rotary pictures. This M3 in the beginning here has caught my eye ever since I saw it driving down the road right by my office in Cambridge. I think it's beautifully done, with simple exterior mods that only enhance the look of the stock body; a style that is right up my alley.

September 13, 2010

False Alarm

Looks like everything worked out okay in the end, as I got to pick the car up earlier this evening. It seems the thermostat had failed, but instead of failing open, it failed shut. Since it failed shut, the reservoir tank began to boil over and spewed out coolant from there. What concerns me though is that the battery was randomly dead, thus why I couldn't start the car. Perhaps my battery is on it's way out now?

Regardless, Liberty Mazda saved the day and replaced the broken thermostat with a working OEM one. A few test drives and everything was working great. Temperatures are roughly 5 degrees higher now, but fluctuating between the temperatures is minimal. That being said, I think I'll be staying with the OEM thermostat, even though Mazmart is willing to replace it, free of charge. Thanks for saving the day though Liberty, glad that my engine isn't gone and still running strong.

September 11, 2010

Last Race Of The Year?

Renegade Miata Club's 5th event, and perhaps my last event of the year given what had taken place. The day was beautiful, course was excellent (as you'll see in the videos), and I managed to take a 1'14 flat in just two runs. I know I could've gone faster, but after the 3rd run is when the problems started.As I was coming off the course, coolant began spewing out of the overflow tank everywhere. I quickly went into grid and shut the car off (big mistake) as I noticed the temp gauge was all the way to full hot. After cleaning up the mess from the coolant, letting the car cool for 4 hours, then refilling the reservoir tank with coolant again, I tried to start the car. Luckily I got it started but it hesitated a lot. After managing to get it started though, I let it idle for a while and connected the access port to watch the coolant temps. Just idling, the temps were rising all the way to 220, so I had to shut down the engine again.

I decided to pack up and call it a day, putting everything away and cleaning up all of my things. After doing all this and then trying to start the car again, nothing happened. No turning, nothing. All I heard was constant clicking, which sounded like the ignition firing. Not sure what it could be, but some friends have speculated that the coolant seal had broke.Big thanks to Sal for towing my car to Liberty Mazda, and also to Rob, Ernie and Brian for helping me to push the car onto the trailer and get it all squared away. Couldn't have done it without you all, especially Sal. We'll see what Liberty Mazda has to say about the car come Monday morning. Below are my 2nd and 3rd runs of the day. The 3rd one being the last one, in where coolant began pouring out as I hit the finish. Could this be it for the car for the rest of the year? Stay tuned.