December 6, 2009

Prepping For Winter

Getting the car ready for winter can be a bit tricky it seems, as you want to make sure you don't leave anything out. This is the first year the car will be in the garage all winter, so I had spoke to a few people to see what was necessary for proper storage. In short, your list should look something like this.
  • Quick Wash
  • Oil Change
  • Coolant Change
  • Top Off Gas Tank with Gasoline Stabilizer
  • Park Car on Cardboard Pieces
  • Block Off Wheels with Wheel Chocks
  • Release E-Brake
  • Inflate Tires to 50PSI
  • Set Shocks to Full Soft
  • Empty Glove Box and Other Compartments
  • Place Dryer Sheets in Car to Avoid Musty Smell
  • Remove Battery and Connect to Battery Tender
  • Block Tail Pipes, Cooling Ducts, etc. with Rags to Keep Animals Out
  • Close Windows
  • Set Vents to Open
  • Cover (If Not in Garage)
  • Detail Throughout Winter
I plan to do some detailing while it sits in the garage, like clay off some overspray I had gotten earlier in the year on the car, polish the exhaust tips, other goodies. As for the list, I had to do this all this weekend due to the snow coming. Really wish I could've installed my new brakes first, but oh well! Thanks to Dave and James for help with this list here.

December 4, 2009

Last Purchase Before Winter Sleep!

Decided to pull the trigger early on replacing my brakes as opposed to waiting after winter. The pads were starting to squeal a bit here and there, telling me it was soon time to replace them and probably would last the first and second event of the following year. I went with the Axxis ULT Brake Pads (previously known as Axxis Ultimates) as they have been praised again and again by autocrossers for their great braking ability, consistency, low dust, and good initial bite. Not as hard of an initial bite as a warm set of Hawk HP+ pads, but the overall braking is apparently identical, with a higher brake fade temperature as well.

The pads will be matching up with all new rotors as well. Stock size two-piece rotors from Racing Brake will do the trick here. The rotors are much lighter than the stock rotors, with the front rotors 4.4 lb lighter than stock, and the rear rotors are 2.5 lb lighter than stock, with slots for ventilation.

Can't wait to install these on the car, hoping to get this done before the snow comes!

UPDATE: Just found out that we are expecting a snow storm this weekend, so unfortunately it looks like these will not be installed until after winter. Unfortunate but March is only 4 months away!