June 22, 2014

Not So Well @ NER

Photo credit to Chang Ho Kim - FunPhotos
This was not a very good event for me unfortunately. Ironic because now that I have finally sorted out all o my problems and the car is at 100%, I drive as hard as I need to. That didn't seem to be the case during this event...

June 21, 2014

Renegade Miata Co-Drive

Red isn't my color, but I will admit this is a gorgeous car...
Brian was kind enough to let me co-drive his 2009 RX-8 R3 for this event, as I wanted to drive something a little different. Even though his alignment was very out of whack due to seized camber bolts, I still had a blast and it was great practice! Thanks Brian!

June 8, 2014

Devens Match Tour 2014

Photo credit to Chang Ho Kim - FunPhotos
Match Tours are seemingly losing their popularity due more and more as the 2014 season goes on. I can understand why, especially due to the format, but they are still fun to some respect in their own right.