July 20, 2014

Concrete Practice @ Brunswick

MM and Hazard, ready for action
Couldn't make it into the Wilmington Tour's list? No problem. About two and a half hours north of Devens Airfield is a great Naval air station in East Brunswick, Maine. The main reason I wanted to go to Wilmington in the first place was to get practice on concrete. Considering I can now get that practice closer, cheaper, more runs, and more of a relaxed event... I'm there like swimwear.

Fellow racer and instructor Steve Hazard had informed me of the event, so he and I met up that morning to cruise there together. Cumberland Motor Club was very kind and welcoming to us, and I got to meet a lot of really great people! Very laid back and easy going people. They do however have an interesting quirk. Cones that are to be on your left are bright green, and cones on the right are orange.... And yes, they use the gigantic cones for slaloms. Apparently most of the founding members were sea ship people and it has something to do with telling left from right. Definitely made things interesting!

The concrete was dusty and dirty at first, especially in the morning. As the day went on however, it cleared up and the grip level increased. Even though my Hoosiers were being shredded down to nothing, the grip level continued to increase more and more. It was definitely great practice for me as it reminded me of what it was like to race on concrete and how differently you have to drive it; Flat out, and brake earlier for sweepers.

I managed to hit cones just about every run as I was trying to figure out concrete, but once it clicked, I landed a fast and clean '55.195, which was good for 1st in PAX overall! Scruffy, Steve and I were neck and neck in the '55.1xx range, so we all had pretty much set FTD for cars (there was a shifter kart there that took actual FTD...Those things are monsters!). Unfortunately their results are not posted online, but if they do in the future, I'll be glad to link to them.

Thanks again Cumberland Motor Club for the great time! Next set of Hoosiers I'm looking to kill, you bet I'll be back! Below is a video of my fastest run.

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