April 21, 2013

New Jersey ProSolo

Photo by Perry Aidelbaum - AutoX4U
John and I's first National level event for the season! It has been two years since my last ProSolo in New Jersey, but I wasn't as nervous as I was back in 2011. I was here to meet the competitors in S2, hopefully make some new friends, and show 'em what I've got. S2 is a new thing this year, in where it is a combination of BSP and DSP classes, and you race against each other using PAX times. Guess I still get to race in BSP after all! Technically anyways...

April 7, 2013

First Race Of The Season

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
First race back, and damn it feels good to be doing what I love again! This was the first event for SCCA NER, and the only practice event before the upcoming ProSolo in New Jersey!