August 15, 2010

Scorched Orange

Today was SCCA NER's 6th points event, which had a good turn out of people, a fun and intuitive course, and a little overcast for the perfect weather condition. Before I get into all the details, I would just like to do a little shout out due to some recent events. I'd like to dedicate this entry and the day to my mother, as she has been ill lately and was brought to the hospital overnight on Saturday. If it wasn't for her insisting that I come out to the event so I could get my points, I wouldn't have had such a great time with everyone. I drove as fast and smoothly as I could for you Mom, so thank you. That being said, she is doing better now and has already returned home. Now onto the good stuff about the day!

Small Fortune is still working away at my car, but check out the sneak peak at what's to come below. The design is amazing, and the length is exactly what was needed to bring out the most power, matched with my current intake.

Since my car wasn't ready, I asked Dave if I could co-drive his STX RX-8. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it was once Brian Goodwin's RX-8 of GoodWin Racing. Thanks to Dave for letting me take a spin in his car, as it allowed me to get points for the day. Driving different cars a lot recently has really taught me more than I expected it would, as I'm starting to notice differences in how a car handles and why it may behave how it does.
Some quick snaps of some rare cars like that White TVR and that silver GT-R (yes, that is a real Skyline GT-R 33). Was nice to hear the Skyline out on the course, and hopefully we will be seeing more of him at upcoming solo events!
Dave took home first place in STX with a 69.9', while I took 3rd place in SM with a 70.5', which is great for an STX car but terrible for an SM car. PJ Took first with a 64.4' in SM in his monster Silvia S14. Final results are posted here, with pax posted here, and raw times posted here. Current season standings are actually posted up as well, here.
Speaking of monster, I got to go for a ride in PJ's S14 for my first time ever. Needless to say, I was speechless after, as it proves my point that my car is not an SM competitive car in it's current state. That being said, it looks like I will be moving down to Street Prepared for sure next year, as all it requires is to have me replace all of the interior I removed from before, with a few other goodies. Don't hesitate to check out PJ and Jenna's Silvia blog about their build and work on their SM contender.

Below are a few videos of the event, starting with my fastest run of the day, Dave's fastest, and then a video of Mike on his fastest run in his C Stock RX-8. He managed to take home a 73.3' on my old Dunlop Star Spec street tires! Instead of posting all my videos from an event, for now on I'm only going to post the fastest runs, and then link to my YouTube channel which has all the videos taken at the event. Two events coming up the following weekend, and I get my car back this Friday, so stay tuned viewers!


F1GURIN said...

how much did that header run you? 1

Marc Monnar said...

Hi There,

I typically don't post prices of most products, but that custom header I designed myself can cost upwards of $3,000. Black Halo Racing and I will be releasing the final version of it soon, and it will be a lot cheaper. Just keep an eye open for that! Thanks!

F1GURIN said...

Thanks! It looks beautiful.

im waiting patiently for bhr.