August 21, 2010

4th Event At Renegade Miata

Renegade Miata's 4th points event that they've put together this lovely Saturday. The weather was absolutely beautiful, not too sunny, not overly hot, just right. The course however, was one that was a test of wit and courage of the driver, and how he communicates with his car. It was a fast course that most, if not ALL Miata's were taking in 3rd gear! I tried it out in a few spots but hitting the rev limiter of 2nd gear seemed to be the better move for me. A lot of spins today, especially in the back section where the slalom is a big V (me being one of them). Took home 3rd place in pax, and 2nd for raw time in the Other Mazdas class. Results are posted here.A lot of compliments on my exhaust from other people working on the course. From the outside it does sound really good, I'll have to get some footage of a stand still, drive by and all that other stuff sometime. In terms of power and torque gain, it most certainly is there and I can't wait to get my new tune to fully utilize it. Only thing is, this means I need to relearn how to drive the car, as before I could do the whole "turn and full throttle" trick due to not having enough power. After most of my power mods, that trick was becoming harder and harder to do as needed, but now after the tune and then the new exhaust, that’s not an option anymore (unless I want to compete in D1 Drift events!). Not that I'm complaining, I'll just have to pick up the slack!
Below is a video of my fastest run, but dirty, at a 1'13.2, followed by my fastest clean run of 1'13.7, and then a video of Oleg taking my car out for a spin during fun runs. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel to see all the videos of the event that I took.

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