August 22, 2010

Racing Against Leukemia

Whew, talk about a gloomy day! I woke up thinking it was still night out with how dark the sky was outside. Today was the 7th points event for SCCA New England Region and we were back at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I actually like this venue a lot (not more then Devens of course), because you can go see the cars racing on the road course, eat at the restaurant in the infield, and just enjoy yourself. We usually get a ton of runs as well which is always a plus. Unfortunately, it started raining in the afternoon, making our afternoon runs mostly for just practice.
I had missed the donation event that was yesterday as I was at Renegade Miata instead, but next year I definitely won't be missing that event. I had heard many great things about it, especially the part where you get more runs if you get donation money (someone mentioned getting close to 30 runs or more yesterday!). PJ couldn't drive his 240 due to corded R compound tires that were basically ripped up from yesterday, so I offered him to drive with me. It's always great to see good drivers hop into my car and hear their thoughts, as well as any suggestions to my driving they may have. I just wish it was dry for the rest of the day so I could have learned more.The course was a 32' course with a lot of nice sweepers. The car felt great around the course and my times were stepping up, but I still need to relearn my car again with all the power changes. Just as I was getting comfortable, the rain rolled in and I pretty much had lost any chance of redeeming myself. I came home with 3rd place with a '33.9, while PJ Took first with a 32.8. I can't thank him enough though for his instructional run, tips, and just coming out and having fun with me. Final results are located here, pax located here, and raw times posted here. Below is a video of my best run in the morning and my 3rd run from outside! Followed by PJ's best run and his instructional run in the rain. The rest of the videos are located at my YouTube channel, here.

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