August 28, 2010

Old Friend and a Pesky Airbag Light

I met up with an old friend I haven't seen in about 13 years. Good friend of mine that I grew up with when I was living in New Hampshire. It was great to spend the day with him and his girlfriend working on our cars, as it was a nice change of scenery and pace from everything lately. Tom is currently working on an awesome RX-7 FC build, looking to compete in local drift events and maybe even some autocross. Having done all the work himself on the car, from rewiring the entire harness, fixing up the engine and more, he's put a lot of time and effort into the car, so I can't wait to see the end result.
We were going to punch out two quick things on my car then work on his, but as usual with my car, those two things took a lot longer than expected. Looks like I owe him some more beer and time to help him with whatever comes his way to work on his car in the future. We took care of my slanted seat issue I was having, as my Corbeau seat wasn't cut fully flat in the rear, propping it up in one corner awkwardly so I would be sitting crocked.

Using his FC as a work table, Tom used his sawzall to cut the rear pegs of the seat down flat, smoothing it out nicely. Since the seats were out, we looked into my airbag light problem as well. I followed some instructions I found on the RX-8 club but they weren't really explain well enough, and this is how I ran into problems. So, I decided to make this into a quick DIY for all those other RX-8 drivers out there who are looking to swap in a replacement bucket seat.

  • Electrical Tape
  • Seat Position Sensor for the Driver Side
  • 2.0 Ohm 1 Watt Resistor (NOT 2.2 K.. AVOID the K. This is where I went wrong.)
No need to even really put steps on this as it's very straight forward. Simply bend the prongs of the resistor a bit so you can slip it into the connectors of the airbag sensor plug. Do this for both sides. Then simply apply some electrical tape ontop of the resistors to cover any dust from getting into the plug.
For the seat position sensor, Tom was awesome enough to rivet it to the hump in the floor that is by the front of the seat (you can't miss it). Nothing special there, as long as it is connected and tied to something or located somewhere.And voila! That's it. The airbag light is gone and no more issues with that thankfully, as that light was always bothering me in the back of my mind when driving around. Big thanks again to Tom for the good times and helping me with these two things. To end the day, we had a quick photo shoot of the two cars side by side. You will be hearing more about Tom and his progress on his car, as well as his progress into the world of drifting in future posts, so until then, stay tuned.

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