August 20, 2010

The Return Home - Her New Roar

After the long wait, I was finally reunited with my lady on Friday night. How I felt when I got her back was nearly indescribable. I stopped by Small Fortune at just the right time as well, as the car was still up on stands, allowing me to see the exhaust work up close. The end result was absolutely amazing, and exactly what I needed for my current build.As I have mentioned to many others before, this exhaust system was created to replicate the exhaust setup on some of the Koni Challenge RX-8's, only muffled (so I can pass the sound limit when racing). Black Halo Racing and Small Fortune Racing worked together on this project, as Black Halo provided me with the mufflers used for their midpipe and upcoming catback system, and Small Fortune put it all together while designing the header. The components and specifics can't be mentioned here as you will need to speak to either one first for permission, but I will comment that it certainly is an ideal system. The runners of the header are very long and a good sized diameter, collecting together into 3' piping so that the Renesis engine can produce the most power and torque when matched with this intake. During this weekend's two races I received nothing but compliments on how it sounded, some claiming it sounded identical to the rotaries that race at Lime Rock Park. Heck, I even had someone say it sounded like a modified RX-7 FD.You will see a little more regarding the exhaust in the upcoming posts about those race days, but for now I'd like to point out the other few things Bill had taken care of for me. He went ahead and made this nifty radiator shroud that covers the gap between the front bumper and the cross member, as I was starting to see the hood rattle at high speeds. The second bit is very neat, but I couldn't get a picture of it as it's hard to see in the first place. Essentially, it is some sort of bracket that goes onto the bottom of the radiator and it holds the under tray up to the radiator, since plastic under trays are known to bend. Bending will cause a gap to form and let air escape between the tray and the radiator, which doesn't really promote cooling.All in all, I'm very pleased with the results of all three completed tasks, and am glad to finally have the exhaust done and out of the way. It had been troublesome for me numerous times in the past, but hopefully with this new exhaust it will be just that; a problem of the past. Stay tuned for this weekend's results.

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