June 1, 2009

RX-8 - Jack Yamaguchi

This book is a resource that is overflowing with information for all RX8 enthusiasts. I had received this book for my birthday back in May, and I was originally going to review this for that month, but I wanted to make sure I covered everything before reviewing it.

For any RX8 owner, this book is very essential to fully understand all the fundamentals and capabilities of the RX8. It covers everything from many driver impressions, to history, design, testing, structure, and just about every detail about the car. There is some information you find in here that you won’t find on a forum message board unless you dig really deep. I highly recommend reading or owning this to anyone who is an RX8 owner, or at least interested in the RX8.

Big thanks to josh for getting me this awesome resource for my birthday, can’t thank you enough for how awesome this is, both to have and the chance to review it!