June 23, 2009

Rainy Sunday Autocross

Well, not too much to say here. The weather was terrible outside, and everytime I ran, I swear the rain picked up. Really nice course, would've been lovely if it wasn't wet, but I took this chance to learn the behavior of the car in the rain and the limits of pushing it. I learned it, with two spins sadly on my fastest runs. I finished 2nd (only 2 of us in SM today), only a 2 second difference between me and the leader. Hopefully next event will be dry so I can really get going and not worry about rain.

I also was co-driving with a good friend of mine, who was surprisingly good for a novice! Fastest time was a 71 plus a cone or two, which was almost a top time for Novices that day. Hopefully I'll be convincing him to co-drive with me for more events, as you learn a lot co-driving with people I noticed. Whether it be sitting in the car with them on their run, or having them sit with you, it was just a different experience.

Either way, no pictures from me due to poor weather just blurring everything, so hopefully next event I can get some nice clean pictures. I did find someone from the event who was taking pictures, his gallery located here.

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