June 27, 2009

Renegade Miata Event 2

It’s so good to be back to my home club! This Sunday we had our 2nd event from Renegade Miata. The course was a full course, with 7 work stations this time surprisingly. Like most of Rob MacAlpine’s courses, the course was quick with many tricks. It featured spots where you could pick up a lot of speed, but if you went too fast, the exit would hurt your time greatly.
I got to co-drive with my good friend James due to his car having some problems, so we got to really test my new strut bars and some different settings in our runs. In raw time, I came in 1st place in their “Other Mazda’s” class, while in Pax and overall I came second. Close but there is also room for improvement for this coming weekend. The final results of all the runners is here on Renegade’s site.

All pictures are here, thanks to Oleg for the camera and Becka for taking them!

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