June 17, 2009

Small Fortune Racing & 4.777 Final Drive

Before I explain how great and amazing my new 4.777 modification is, I'd like to give a big thanks to Bill Gendron, the owner of Small Fortune Racing (SFR) for all the hard work on this. We had some trial and error problems with the installation but everything is all set now. Thanks again Bill, car runs great!

On to the review for all those anxiously waiting! For starters, I am now in love with this mod. This is the 4.777 Ring and Pinion upgrade from a 09 RX8, purchased from Mazmart. I would also like to add, that this mod is NOT for those who are not looking to lose their long revving. After installing this, not only is the car much quicker, but at the price of staying in gears longer. I have a feeling this will really help me in autocross because of the huge pickup increase.
If I had to explain the change, it is like going from a stock flywheel to a extra lightweight flywheel twice over. Very addictive to feel this type of torque from a naturally aspirated rotary, and very enjoyable. Of course, still nothing that throws you back, but still good enough that it is noticeable and very enjoyable. Again, recommended to those only looking to exchange top speed for some fun low end pickup.

Stay tuned for my post of this upcoming autocross to see how this feels on the course!
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