May 23, 2009

Grippy Weekend

Wow. I'm still wowing. All I can say is "Holy Consistent Grip Batman!". I don't think these things want to let go, ever. On a serious note, I just put on my new tires this morning. Dunlop Direzza Sport Star Spec Z1 in 245/40/18. The tread is just as aggressive as the tire, and is essentially just barely a step down from an R compound tire. Their R compound has the same tread, except without the ribbed center (which is required for the street apparently).

My driving impression on sweepers and long turns, even short ones, is that it just grips to the road. Doesn't matter your speed, as long as you are in control, the tires do the rest of the work. I noticed a hum from the tires 45miles and up, but it's tolerable and easily forgotten after awhile. Apparently these wheels are on top for dry grip, and medium for wet grip. The competing Advan AD08 is a monster in the wet, while very similar grip in the dry compared to the Dunlop. The new Bridgestone RE11 is also exceptional, but the problem is that due to the softer sidewall, my car wouldn't get the full potential of the tire like a Miata or S2000 would.

I highly recommend these street tires to anyone who basically wants a streetable race tire. I can't wait to try these out at autocross, as they may be more predicable than my old Yokohama S-Drives.


Bighurk said...

Wow thanks for the review, I am in need of new tires and i think i might get these, im also interested in doing some autocrossing

Marc Monnar said...

These really are fantastic. When a passenger even notices the difference, of how stable and just firm it's a keeper. Warning though...very addictive.

I'm glad I got the advice to get these over the Advans and Bridgestones though over my autocross instructors. You won't go wrong with these.