January 31, 2009

Dent Sport Garage - DSG University 102

Today was the second class of the Dent Sport Garge University (DSG). DSG is a tuning firm in Norwood Massachusetts that can do just about anything you want to a car, from simple ECU tuning to full out roll-cage and prepared cars. They are mostly popular for their Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution prepared vehicles and tuning.

DSG University is a simple get together at their shop with a focused explanation of whatever topic is on for that day. They had served a quick breakfast, and some sandwhich things for lunch. Today’s class was focused on track racing and some hill climbing. They went over the essentials of what types of track racing their was and what clubs do it, from Time Trials (Time Attacks I like to call them), to simple un-timed club racing. Not long after, they went over some of the other clubs, and the motorsport known as “Hillclimbing”, which I never heard of until now.

It was very informational over all, even some of the things like the tech inspection and simple reminders to make a list of things you will need for race day. I really liked that they had instructors from some of the clubs they were advertising so that I could ask them whatever questions I needed to, such as how they run things, what kind of classes they offer, etc. Seeing the shop was also a nice experience, and getting familiar with the DSG crew as well was beneficial, should I wish to get any car work done that I can’t do myself.

Stayed tuned on my 2009 schedule to see any other DSG University classes, or even check out their google calendar here. Because it was quite an enjoyable experience and I got to get a feel for the clubs I want to join once I start track, I got two DSG window stickers in orange, and a shift knob from them in a nice flat black as a souvenir. To be honest, the shift knob was so well made and designed in such a fashion that I’ve always wanted (but could never find), I was willing to pay triple what I paid for the knob. Thanks for the good time DSG! Pictures on their website are here.


Anonymous said...

Glad we could help!

Marc Monnar said...

Thanks Ron!
I didn't have an idea right off the bat who you were from DSG, but Alex gave me the info. Thanks again. The car is actually at DSG right now getting some work done, so I'll be posting soon once I get the car back.