January 30, 2009

Cobb Accessport

Usually, one of the first things people recommend to others to modify there cars is something along the lines of a exhaust, maybe some wheels, or intake or something trivial. To be honest, this is one of those things that I thought I was going to get after all my power modifications, ranging from full exhaust and intake to ignition, etc etc. I regret that decision since owning this.

The COBB Access Port has made my engine feel as if it was fresh off the line from Mazda. The power and torque increase isn't something to scream about, but it's more of a enthusiast enjoyment. It's there, you notice it, and the best part is, the car feels very smooth when revving all the way to the new red line, 9,300 RPM. Some of the major highlights of this are
-Maps that come with the Access Port, such as
  • Stage 1 Tune - Made for mostly stock RX8s (basic exhaust mods and intake at most...but you can run it regardless and still get good results), and sets 9300 red line
  • Your own custom maps made by using the "Race Tuner" software that comes with it.
  • Anti-Theft Map - Engine will not start....period.
  • Valet Parking Map - Engine will not rev past 3750 RPMs
  • Or back to Stock
-Live data logging/monitoring
-View check engine lights and clear them

And a few other neat things. I highly recommend this as even just a first mod, as it's not that expensive, you can learn a lot about your car using the Data logging (seeing if ignition is not that great, maybe a drop in different areas of the power band, etc) and more. Thanks Cobb for the great product, and a big up to Jim for selling me his Cobb Access Port and great service. You can check Jim's blog by going to the links section and checking out R-Energy in motion.

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