January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!

I apologize for the delay in updates but I am sure you know, holidays usually are very hectic. I managed to squeeze in some time today to post up what I have received this year for Christmas that is car related, as well as a few other posts (Posted under January 1st) that were overdue.

2009 is a brand new year with brand new parts waiting to be tested and reviewed! Just because I did not recieve it for Christmas, does not mean I don't have new parts on the way, so stay tuned!

It looks like I was a good boy this year as I got some of the best presents ever. I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos, and for some reason I can't even take close up pictures with this camera. It looks like I will need to upgrade sometime soon. Below is a list along with a few pictures of the items.

1. Black Mazdaspeed RX8 replica toy from Jada Toys - Custom edited by Altspace ( Thanks Josh!) This thing looks great in person with Gundam details and the works. Going to sit on my dash when I take my car to car shows for sure.

2. Poorboy's World Starter Kit of Microfiber towels from Stephanie, my girlfriend. List below
  1. 16 x 16 Mega Plush Towel for wax & polish removal and Quick Detailing
  2. 16 x 16 Deluxe Mega Towel for wax & polish removal and Quick Detailing
  3. 21 x 36 Large Velvet Smooth Towel for glass, Quick Detailing and final buffing
  4. 24 x 36 Waffle Weave super absorbent drying towel
  5. 16 x 16 Velvet Smooth Glass Towel for glass and final buffing
  6. 16 x 16 Work Towel for all purpose polishing and cleaning
  7. Mega Plush Microfiber Mitt with thumb and cuff for interiors, washing, and buffering
3. Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe quick detailer from Stephanie

4. Clay Magic Perfect Finish - Claybar and Clay Lube set from Greenblurr. Thanks a million James!

5. Piloti Prototipo Leather - Saddle - The best shoes I've ever had. They look great, feel amazing. Thanks to Stephanie for the awesome gifts. Heel and toe in these shoes has never been easier, as when I perform the technique, it feels as though my toe is literally bolted onto the brake pedal and can rotate over easily. An odd feeling, but it makes it much easier and less room for mistake, as well as less worry on braking too hard.

6. King Dragon Karting Gloves - From my good friend at work, Sergey. He uses these for when he does autocross as well and wanted to get me some gear for this season. Picked them up at HMS Motorsports but they don't seem to have them anymore on their webpage...

7. Secrets of SOLO RACING - by Henry A. Watts - Got this from Astral (Oleg). Great book from the chapter or two that I have had time to read so far. Very impressive in terms of teaching you not only techniques, but situations you should be on the lookout for when racing.

8. TSX Replica Projector Lens 2.5" from Retrofit Source - Thanks to Mom for this one. She ordered it for me when she overheard me talking about it one day. The RX8 stock bulb is perfectly fine with excellent output, but oddly, our projector lens is rippled. Replacing the stock lens out with a clear lens will make a much bigger improvement over just changing your bulbs. Look for a post in the near future for when I do this install.

9. Granes High Quality Car Freshener - Pure Squash - Thanks to SmokeHonda for this (Scott). Smells great and keeps the interior clear of any odors that were left in the car from the previous passenger... The odors we don't nessicarily enjoy. Great scents with a wide selection of scents.

10. Rotor Shaped Dish - Thanks to Stephanie for finding this. Just a small something to remind me of my love for rotory engines.

11. Test Headlight - Thanks to Greenblurr for this. An old headlight of his that he does not need, allowing me to use this headlight to test my baking skills. This will be great so incase I mess up, I won't ruin my actual headlights.

Thanks again everyone! Happy Motoring!


Joshua Hanley said...

Good stuff. Thx for the shirt and DVD.

Marc Monnar said...

Glad you liked it because I know I loved mine. I was hoping someone would get me a little black RX8 car so I could have it at car shows. Just wish I had a better camera to show it off more.