February 1, 2009

JDM OPTION International - Midnight 200MPH Blast!

Do YOU know who Smokey Nagata is? That was the phrase of the week after seeing this classic DVD. A slight change from the usual Best Motoring International videos, but still a coverage of what is going on in Japan. This video is mostly focused towards a “Legendary Street Racer” named Smokey Nagata who is the owner of a tuning firm in Japan known as “TOP SECRET”.
TOP SECRET is known for their all “bling bling gold” color cars with insane numbers of horsepower.

The video shows sections of him doing very high speed racing, ranging from the Japanese Wangan Expressway, to the highways New Zealand and more. Smokey is known for his “Big Burnout” before doing a “200 MPH Burst”, as they call it. Corny video, with some great mysterious music to help keep the “Legendary Street Racer” theme going. But never-the-less, a good watch that I have seen a couple times already, especially because of the Wangan portion in the beginning.

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