January 14, 2009

ARC Titanium Radiator Hood Panel

Ordered this neat little piece from Works Concepts. They had a deal I couldn't pass up, and it's very rare. A nice looking titanium panel that replaces the stock plastic panel. I usually buy functional performance parts, but this is what I like to call, a "fuctional performance bling". Does it do what it really says it does? No idea.

Apparently it is supposed to increase cooling efficiency by collecting air flow to the radiator. How is this different from the stock plastic one? No idea. But to me it is functional in the sense that it looks great, and it is original because most people that do swap this part out, usually go with the Aluminm panel made by GReddy. Functionally functional as bling sounds about right to me. Thanks to Eric over at Works Concepts for the quick and great service.
The small writing next to the ARC logo reads, "The ARC MAGIC is wonders assenbled project. They present comfortable and unknown car life with ARC magic power."


Rafaga said...

Who cares if it's funtional or not...looks cool as hell

Marc Monnar said...

Thanks Ralph. Glad you like it. You can laugh at it in person though when you get to see the text.