December 9, 2008

Grounding The Car

Thread on RX8 club
Actual Product

Picked up some excellent grounding wires custom made from Flex Innovations. I had a grounding kit at the very bottom of the list as it really was not that important, but when I saw the special for such a low price, and that it was 8G wire just as good as an HKS or Apexi grounding kit, I really could not pass this up.

Install was very straight forward as it comes with very good instructions and took only 30 minutes with box end wrenches. I did not feel the need to really take any pictures at all as the pictures on RX8 club are great enough (the first link).

First thing I noticed was, my lights and gauges all came up much faster. Idle was much smoother, as in next to no vibrations and the needle was flat at all times, while warming up and running. It could just be me, but I think the speakers sounded clearer then before. It was nice, a fun little addition, and for the price, why not, right? Thanks Flex for the good stuff! I'm very much a name brand buyer, but this was a brand killer to me.


Jordan said...

hey man...thanks for the review on these...just ordered a set becuz or your blog

Marc Monnar said...

Glad to hear! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Smoother response on anything is worth the price to me.