September 1, 2008

Hot Version - Rocket Rotary

This movie was hands down, one of the greatest videos done by the BMI/Hot Version crew. An owner of an RX-8 or not, this movie was great for showing the different views of the Japanese tuning firms. The segment regarding the RX-8 really showed the difference between a street tuned NA version and a street tuned turbo version, both getting great reviews. Again as I've said about most of the Touge Showdown episodes, this is a great way to get various ideas on different approaches on street tuning an RX-8.

I was really impressed by the Fujita Engineering exhaust note and tune overall, which sort of birthed my urge to tune my car and keep it NA. The product list of Fujita Engineering, as well as Knight Sports really appeal to me as opposed to the frequent frequent turbo tuning of the car. Sort of the "underdog" approach of things. Nevertheless, the movie was impressive and the battle afterwards to compare the tuned cars versing a lightly tuned RX-8 really gave me a good perspective on my goal with my car.

The last feature about Touge Showdown Max Final was great, showing off the impressive RE-Amemiya RX-7. Granted, good as always, but the whole section about the various tuned RX-8s took the cake for me.

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