September 1, 2008

More Interior Decorating

Was really tired after a long day at Tokyo Game Action, playing some Initial D 4 and Wangan Midnight, but I still had some energy left when I got home to do another small fix to my car's interior. The center console has a sliding door for a cupholder compartment. The button to open this compartment is sticking out and slanted, so it looks really out of place. If you look here is a complete DIY to fix the button.

Just about every RX8 I've been in has had this problem. Surprisingly, the fix was quick and easy, and the results were great. It's alot smoother now (smooth = luxury) and doesn't randomly slide open just because I touched it with my forearm while shifting. I think my worse problem was when I thought I would close it, but it wasn't locked and would just slide open again. Small fixes, one at a time.


Joshua Hanley said...

Heh, you took my advice. Cool.

Marc Monnar said...

How'd that mod work out for you? I do a boss job on it, even though you did the heat gun part? :P