August 21, 2008

Interior Decorating

I met up with Altspace after work to make a small, but certainly well needed touch up on my interior. He purchased 50 Yards of black vinyl, costing a mere $15, so that we could place a strip of it along the silver lining on my center console. Upon arriving, we decided to just paint it instead. It was just as easy, if not easier than cutting and applying the vinyl. On top of this, it looked great! The silver really had to go; it was out of place and did not contrast well with the rest of the interior. Now, the center console blends in perfectly and your eyes are not immediately drawn to that tacky strip of silver.

For those wondering how to dissemble the center console, it's only held on by a few screws. There are screws under the ashtray, under the cup holders in the rear, under the armrest storage, and pull off the plastic trunk access door. From there, pull up on the entire console and voila.

There are multiple DIYs on the RX8 Club on how to remove the center console, just use the search.

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