September 11, 2008

Parting Out With Oleg - Day 2

After work, I had gone back to Oleg's for some more parting out action of his car. This time, we had the help of Josh and James. We took care of my sways first real quick, having concluded that the fix to the problem may be that the rear is set too stiff.

The Whiteline sway bars have a front stiffness of either 54% or 64% while the rears have a stiffness of either 79% or 91%. The thread about them is here. After setting the rear softer so that the sways were at a setting that was closer to a full balance, the car felt amazing. This time, I could actually feel my car while doing a sweeping turn! The body roll was greatly reduced to almost nothing, while the stiffness has greatly increased. I'm surprised that such a small change made that kind of a difference. I'm really curious why the car behaved like it did just because I made the rear more stiff. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that.

After doing this and taking a few more test runs, we got rid of Oleg's clear corners, his Racing Beat Air Duct, and his Racing Beat dual canister exhaust. Not much to really say except the fact that it took a long while. James ended up getting the Racing Beat dual canister exhaust while Josh got Oleg's air duct. It was really just a long night of installing and going through things. I'm just glad that I'm learning more about tools so I can actually help out. As Josh would say, "Tool Man Marc".

Pictures can be see here.

UPDATE 09/14/08 - The reason why the floaty feeling happens when taking a sweeping turn and hitting a bump is due to the strain on the stock shocks. Looks like I need to get some coilovers.

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