September 20, 2008

3rd Autocross - 1 More To Go!

Finally, my next Autocross! Waiting for this day was almost too much suffering for me. Today we had another full loop course around Fort Devens, which I prefer over the cross overs. I learned how to attack a clam shell properly, as before I was literally driving straight at it, and then had to slow down, turn out, then in, as opposed to driving to the outside of it then slowing down briefly to literally sweep in.

My times increased, going from a stable 1 41 for awhile until I finally landed a 1 39 on my last run. I still need more work on my slalom and throttle control, so hopefully I can get that down for the next autocross. I'm aiming for something lower then 1 39 next event. Other then that, the event was great. I'm really learning how to read the course easier and faster then before, and now I just need to focus on controlling my car properly.

I met with the owner of Big Brake , a company that sponsors Renegade Miata. Real cool guys that actually live only 10 minutes away from me and Oleg, so looks like we'll be hanging out with them hopefully soon. Check out their site, and anything they don't have the site, you can ask them if they can order it for you. So far, I'm pleased with their prices, and they're all knowledgable when it comes to cars in general, not just brakes.

Sadly, no pictures of the event this time as I had little time this event. As always, check out Renegade Miata for their list of events and come along! They always welcome any newbies and oldies!

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