August 16, 2008

Autocross Bonanza

Today was a real blast. Drove up with Oleg and arrived at Fort Devens around 8am. From there, we got all prepped up, had snacks, etc. I got to walk the course with someone named Sal (Miata driver - really good). He has this special way of teaching newbies how to read and walk the course. By the second time around, I was like a master at reading it. I could read the whole course just by stepping back and looking at it (it was scarey too). Last time we went up one way, cross overed and came back down, then back up the other air strip, cross over, then come back down. This time was much easier as it was a full loop around the air field.
Made some new friends and met a lot of new people. It really was a blast just hanging out, doing my runs, and learning more and more. At the end, we finished at about 3:30pm and had tons of times for fun runs. Granted, these runs don't count, but I really need the practice and experience. I went out with Sal in his car to learn what he does, then I did it and dropped my time by 4 seconds in the end. It's funny, because I'm not competetive in the sense of beating other people. I'm competing against myself, to better my skills and become more capable with my car. The times are just to show me where I compare to other good drivers.

Buttload of more pictures this time, and as usual, they can be found on Oleg's web photo gallery, here.
After everything, I took a ride up to Tokyo Game Action to get more action and play some racing games.

Best time was 1' 19. Average was about 1 ' 25 - 1'27. My best was 1'42 recorded, and fun run was 1'39.

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