August 4, 2008

Gaining Power With A Renesis

A lot of people are displeased with the "lack of power" that the RX-8 provides, especially because of the fact that it is not twin turbo charged like its predecessor. Essentially, there are three ways that one can go about getting the most power out of the engine, and they are the Super Charge, the Turbo Charge, and the Exhaust Modification.

Now, I truly believe that the RX-8 is a balanced car, straight off the line. It handles well, has decent horsepower, brakes well, and has sporty looks complimented by a handsome interior. I believe it should be left for the owner to decide where to go with the car, thus why I like the fact that it's not turbo charged. Granted, turbos make the car faster, but I'm an "au natural" kind of guy. In addition, a lot of people lean towards the TRUST turbo kit or non Japanese brands for their parts, and I stray from that crowd. I've seen a few super charge owners, but not as many as those with a turbo. I'd prefer to see what the Japanese tuners have running under their hoods.

One of my favorite companies is Knight Sports due to their amazing, sleek looks, in addition to the great performance of their RX-8s. RE Amemiya has always been a favorite, but mostly for RX-7's, as well as Fujita Engineering. Knight Sports (correct me if I'm wrong) won in a RX-8 battle that was held not too long ago in Japan. Knight Sports is running a 13B from an RX-7, peripheral ported. Their lineup of parts for the stock Renesis engine in my car includes headers, a sports cat, and some really good exhausts. They claim that there is a 30HP gain with the whole system in use. Now, if you top that off with a Cobb AccessPort to change the mappings, along with some pulleys, you come close to 15HP gain. For just under $4000, you get a mean sounding RX-8 with a great power increase, bringing you close to 300HP (at the crank, not wheels). That's less than what a turbo kit costs, with added exhaust essentials and more. I have yet to see anyone go this route, so it's something I'd really like to try out. There's no worrying about possibly breaking the turbo, turbo lag (if that even still exists), or the entire setup. It is raw NA engine power.

RX Reviews gives great advice as he has tested a lot of the JDM exhaust parts. I'm just not sure why anyone would want to turbo this car when Mazda did not bother to do it themselves. I think they kept it NA for a reason; we just have to do the rest and make the exhaust system monstrous.
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