August 2, 2008

First Autocross

Man what a day! Today was my first ever Autocross event. Hell its my first ever motorsport event ever! Before I go explaining how the day went, I'm going to explain briefly what Autocross is.

Autocross (or sometimes AutoX) is a motorsport in which you race against the clock. You have a defined course that is laid in place by using the orange cones. Your clear the course as fast as you can, one car at a time. This is the safest motorsport out there, as you don't even reach speeds above 60MPH. In my car I can't even top out 2nd Gear! It's mostly focused on car balance, control, and understanding how to take turns nimbly while keeping a constant pace. It's really great, especially for those wanting to do track because this will teach you the basics of the out-in-out turning and how to smooth out your car.

There isn't too much to say about this autocross unfortunately. It was done with the awesome Renegade Miata Club and was only $30 for the day (Pre-register). $25 for a year membership. The club has instructors who will ride with you and help you understand how to read the course, where to go faster and slower, etc. Heck, they even have loaner helmits for those who can't afford them right now!

For a first motorsport experience, it was phenominal to say the least. It had everything I wanted and more. The sounds, the cars, the atmosphere, everything. Unfortunately, we got rained in on the second heat (with a lot of serious lightning) so I only got 3 runs for the day... Not great practice. But it was worth it, and I can't wait for the 16th! Not many photos were taken (none of me!) as well as some movies (I'm in one...going slow!). All that can be seen here.

Best time was 1' 19 or 1'18, don't remember. Average was about 1 ' 25 - 1'27. My best was 1'59.

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