October 7, 2012

2012 Stirling Moss Runoffs

Picture taken by Jack En
Here we are folks, the finale that everyone has been working so hard to get up to! At the end of each season, NER SCCA holds a special event known as the Stirling Moss Runoffs. The trophy is a mounted silver bowl that was originally presented to Sir Stirling Moss back in 1967 for his racing on the Nürburgring in Nürburg, Germany. Then this prestigious trophy was donated to our region by someone who knew Sir Stirling's daughter. Essentially, it's our version of the Stanley Cup. That being said, at the end of each year the winner gets their name engraved into the trophy. It's not very easy to obtain this beautiful trophy however...

Picture taken by Jack En
Just like the years prior (2010 and 2011) that I was involved in this event, the way it works is as follows:
  1. If you are a class winner, you are in the Moss. If you are not a class winner, you continue running your runs normally and don't participate (nor gain any points for the day)
  2. The fastest of your 3 morning runs is your "dial-in" time
  3. You now have to try to make your 3 afternoon runs as close to your dial-in time as possible
  4. The winner is then decided at the end of the event by whoever accumulated the most points. Points are given as follows:
    • Half of your points come from your PAX (Leader's PAX time divided by your PAX time)
    • The other half of your points come from the standard deviation between your fastest morning run and afternoon runs 1, 2, and 3
    • Lowest standard deviation wins
Even though I was not a Moss competitor this year, I still wanted to try and lay down a fast time. I had been away for the past few weeks due to a death in the family, and now that I'm back and refreshed, I was ready to give it all I had. I don't know how I managed to pull it off, but my fastest time was a '47.894. That placed me 5th in PAX! I still can't believe that I managed to be one of the top five drivers of our region for the day. It proved to me that even though I still have a long way to go, I've come a long way so far.
Picture taken by Jack En
As for John, his fastest morning run was a fast time of '48.580 clean. From there, his afternoon runs were '48.913'48.528, and '48.465. John took 4th place starting in the morning, and secured it in his afternoon runs as well. The unfortunate part? If John came just a tenth closer on his first afternoon run to his dial-in time, he would've won the Moss! Either way, congratulations to John for being not only fast, but very consistent at this event!
Picture taken by Jack En
And who was the winner of the Stirling Moss trophy? Nick Barbato in his B Stock Honda S2000 CR, that's who! He really stepped it up out there and was able to stay not only really fast, but very consistent with his times. Congratulations to Nick for his win this weekend, it was well deserved. The rest of the event results are located here on the Results page.
John coming in from his last run
All in all, even though my racing meant nothing in terms of points, I still had a great time with all my friends at NER. It was an awesome event with an excellent course that was put together by PJ. After this, their is only one more Renegade Miata Club event, followed by NER SCCA's Team Challenge event. In the meantime, check out the videos below of my fastest run of the day, followed by John's fastest clean run of the day in the afternoon. The rest of the videos are all located on my YouTube page. After the coverage of the next two races, I have some posts I've been brewing up with some interesting content. Until then, stay tuned!

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