September 3, 2012

Polished Makeover

I may not be a female expert, but as far as I know, most women like to get makeovers when they're depressed. I figured, "what better way to cheer up Serenity than to pamper her with a full polish and detail?". Since we couldn't make it out to Nationals this year, this was the least I could do. Big thanks to Jordan for helping me out with a lot of this, especially the polishing part, as the car had never been fully detailed before it seemed.

Side shots with beautiful reflections
Typically detailing is a two day process if you're going to do the whole thing. It's time consuming, but worth it in the end of the day. Here is pretty much everything that was done.
Shake that tail feather~!

Day 1

Day 2
  • After letting the Paint Sealant soak in for 24 hours, then apply Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Wax. 2 full coats on the car, and 1 extra coat on the rocker panels and front bumper. Let stand for 2 hours before buffing out each coat - 6 hours
  • Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant, and let soak for 2 hours after each application, 2 coats - 4 hours
Would the lug nuts count as her nails?
I was pretty happy with the results and am glad to see her as clean as ever. I know this isn't as good as going to Nationals as a gift for the car, but hey, at least I did something to pamper her, right? Big thanks again to Jordan for the help!
OoOoOoh, Shiny ~


Unknown said...

Car looks amazing!

Marc Monnar said...

Thanks Leonard, much appreciated! From your icon picture, looks like you have a nice white RX-8 as well. :)

Francesco C said...

You and that dish soap again, lol.

Marc Monnar said...

Haha, well it works great! I mean, unless you recommend something else to strip all the wax off? What do you use?

Unknown said...

Sexy lady!