October 20, 2012

Renegade Miata Finale

Throwing up coolant in grid, no big deal...
The last Renegade Miata event, and what a great way to go out with a bang! This event was a true wrap-up of everything I learned this year, due to the elements I encountered on and off the course. This year was all about patience and mindset, and I applied it all to today's event.

Surprise picture after my winning run
I had wanted to run my Hoosiers for this event since it was my last event with Renegade. Thing is, the day started off wet and cold. As the day continued on however, it got dryer and warmer, which only helped my times get faster and faster. By my 6th run, I had not only taken 1st place in Other Mazdas class, but I had also taken fastest raw and PAX time of the day with my 1'06.712 clean! I was pretty damn proud of myself for laying down such a fast time. The results are located on Renegade Miata's website, here.
Coming back after my last run
As seen in the first picture above, By the afternoon I was starting to lose some coolant from the coolant overflow tank. I simply inspected everything, made sure the engine wasn't overheating, and cleaned up the mess before going back on out there. Neither the weather in the morning, nor the coolant overflowing was going to make me panic. No running around, no worrying... Just quick, focused decisions.

Below is a video of my fastest run, with the rest of the videos located on my YouTube Channel. I couldn't have asked for a better course to end the season with. Big thanks to Rob at Renegade Miata for the great times, and I can't wait to see what kind of courses he has in store for us next year!

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