October 28, 2011

Great Videos

I came across some really good videos recently that I thought I would share with everyone.

The first video is the new 2011 SCCA Solo Nationals music video by Speedway Motors. Every year they come out with a new music video with great footage of Solo Nationals. This year's was interesting, as it had some neat effects and two decent songs mashed together, but last year's video still sits on top in my mind. I definitely liked the buildup aspect of the music in the video though, as it sort of gave me the "fight for the title" feeling near the end. I also really liked how they included the announcer saying "Hold on to that top spot because it is easier to chase then it is to lead!"

The second video I have on tap is a video that REALLY spoke to me. It's brief documentary on the owner of RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, Nakai-san. He is a Porsche tuner from Japan that is very well known for his beautiful and functional wide-body kits. SpeedHunters has done a great write-up about him and his shop. In the video, hearing Nakai-san talk about racing in "Idler's Game" reminded me of my own passion for racing, so I felt I could really relate to his words and feelings. It also inspired me to remind myself of my goal with all of this and to not give up. This is definitely an amazing video by Luke Huxham on Fatlace TV.

The last video I wanted to share was an old Best Motoring episode I came across. It was about the FD3S RX-7, and comparing the older FD to the newer FD model (America never saw the newer FD model sadly). They then compared the RX-7 to other similar sports cars on the track. It's interesting how the RX-7 was originally seen as the "underdog", just as the RX-8 is seen now. However, if built properly, it can be a monster and compete against the rest of the pack. I guess it simply reminds me of my own purpose with my build; to see how far this underdog can go!

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