October 23, 2011

Ruby's Big Debut!

Well, seeing as it was the last Renegade Miata event and I had taken first place for the year already via points, I wanted to focus on having fun this event. That being said, I decided to co-drive my STS Roadster (Ruby) with my girlfriend, Kristyn. I haven't had the chance to autocross the car yet, so what better opportunity to get a feel for how the setup is than this?

The course was one of Rob MacAlpine's courses and it was VERY well balanced. It had some very nicely done sweepers, matched with various types of slaloms. I feel his courses always have a particular rhythm and flow. Hopefully the rumor I heard is true about Rob doing a lot more SCCA NER courses next year!

As for the Miata... Ruby was absolutely a blast to drive! I wish I drove more of her sooner! I was able to get on the gas very early in numerous spots, confidently. If she began to over-steer or under-steer, I simply lift off the throttle then get back on it. She was very easy to control and to throw around on the course. I honestly did not expect my setup to be this neutral and predictable. Considering the setup I went with, I would say that I managed to setup something really good, a lot of fun, for REALLY cheap. Thanks to Flyin' Miata for those coilovers and front swaybar!
As for Kristyn, this was only her second autocross event but her first event in Ruby, and she did amazingly well! She got down to only 8 seconds behind my time. The instructors were very impressed that she was looking ahead at the course properly, getting very close to the cones, and finding a good line. All she needs to do now is apply the throttle more and she could be next year's STS trump card (or my BSP co-driver :) )!
Kristyn's fastest time was a 1'18.6 and I managed to get down to a 1'10.8. In fun runs I took out my RX-8 for a single run (switching between the two cars was definitely a weird feeling, especially in the steering) and managed a 1'06. Ben and Brian had also driven my RX-8 and managed to get down some insanely fast times of 1'03's and 1'04's! The rest of the results are located on Renegade Miata's website, here. Below are videos of my fastest run, followed by Kristyn's fastest run, with more videos located on my YouTube channel.

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