October 22, 2011

SCCA NER's Team Challenge

Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
The event everyone has been waiting for since the beginning of the year; SCCA NER's Team Challenge! A fun event in where you form a team and battle it out for the top. The rules are as follows:
  • Pick a team of 4
  • Choose a team name
  • Only 2 Moss Event competitors per team
  • The winning team from last year cannot form again
  • If there is not at least 3 cars per class, then your car gets bumped to the next class, just like at ProSolo events
  •  Which ever team has the most points collectively, wins!

    We had gone with a terrible joke team name of "Griefing Wankers" because we all signed up at the last minute and caused some teams to rethink their classes they were going to compete in. There were a couple of other interesting teams, like Mario Kart (where everyone dressed up as a character from the game).
    It kind of stinks it was such a small, up-and-back course but we apparently did not have enough people to do a full course. It had a few elements I did not care for either, but I guess I was comparing it too much to the awesome course we had for the Moss event.
    I did not even know what my fastest run time was until results were posted (which was a '44.4, plus 2 cones, '46.1 when I was trying to keep it clean), as my mind really was not on racing. I had 4 drivers co-driving my car in the morning and I was getting to be very nervous. I was worried about the engine as it was frequently being revved to 9.7 RPMs, destroying tons of cones, the oil level light frequently going on, etc. A little more hectic when you have that many drivers!
    Photo by Ed Savage - NoWin Photography
    All in all, it was a fun last event with the NER family, and I'm looking forward to next season. Located here are the afternoon results for the day (course change in the afternoon, so morning runs didn't count). Videos below are of my fastest dirty run, Bob's fastest dirty run, and then PJ's and Dave's run in my car, followed by Matt driving my STS Roadster for the day.

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