November 20, 2011

SCCA Solo Updates

I hope everyone is enjoying the off-season. It's certainly a nice change of pace for once, giving me time to relax and catch up on other things. In the meantime, check out some of the changes going forth for this upcoming season.

PAX/RTP Changes
Looks like there have been some serious changes to PAX times for many classes. PAX is an index factor <1 that you multiply your time by to determine where you would place on "equal" footing against the other drivers. This is also known as RTP, which stands for "Racers Theoretical Performance". Looks like BSP is still the same as 2011 unfortunately, so no help for me there!

BSP Changes
It looks like the rule went through to create a new "Super Street Prepared" class and move most of the current A Street Prepared class into it, and then have the new ASP be a mix of the old ASP, as well as kick the Lancer Evolution and STI out of BSP and into ASP. It looks like BSP will be very interesting next year on a national level. Minor rule changes as well, but nothing that really benefits me other than the new allowance for a master brake cylinder brace, which my Mazdaspeed strutbar comes with. To stay up to date with other class changes, check out the most current FasTrack issue, link above.

2012 National Tour Schedule
The new schedule is up! Check out the events page to see the current list of dates for National Tours/Pro Solo events. I haven't decided yet which ones I will be attending, but you can bet I will be attending Nationals for sure next year. With the car going to be 100% complete, I'm ready to see what the car and I can really do together.

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