April 11, 2011

Knock The Rust Off

Well, with little sleep, a lot done on the car, a decent alignment, i was able to compete today. Thank you to everyone that helped me when I needed a hand as I know I wouldn't have been able to compete without you all. I wish the car was more prepped, with all of my power mods, lowered with a full alignment and corner balance but I still had a blast and got to catch up with the extended family.
This event was a great warmup for everyone as it was a nice mid 50' second course with some of the usual elements, and some tricky clam shells at the end. It helped to remind me on what I needed to focus on, which was being more smooth. The results are posted here. I did decent against the STI's I think, considering all I have is reduced weight, all suspension parts that are not really setup proper, and almost no power mods! The old Kumho R compounds that I had gotten from a friend gave me plenty of grip where I needed it! That being said, I can't wait to get some new Hoosiers and see just how sticky those are!
Check out Ed's gallery for some more pictures of the event. Below are some videos, one being an outside view (thanks again for this Jeff!) and the other being my fastest run.

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BRODA Racing said...

I like that you when you turn the radio on, the announcer is talking about the cones I had just knocked over.