April 23, 2011

SCCA NER's Solo Airways

I personally don't mind rain events all that much, but when it's low 40's, heavy rain, and you accidentally wake up late for the event... it's not exactly the greatest time. I got to co-drive with Bob in hopes of learning a thing or two, but the weather was just too much. At least it was a simple course with a fast ending that I was debating taking in third.A problem we were facing was trying to apply the power down coming out of a turn in the rain, as the moment you touched the gas pedal, the car would immediately start to slide. The Dunlop Star Spec tires I have for the street were a better choice than my R compounds as they're great in the rain, however it was just too cold to really get grip in them, and the rear swaybar seemed to be working against me as well. However, with the help of Brian and Bob, we figured out a great rain setup that I think will work during the next rain event.
  • Unhook the rear swaybar
  • Full soft shocks front and rear
  • 28 PSI all around
A big thanks again for the help and co-drive Bob, and a thanks to Brian for helping me figure out a good place to start with a rain setup! Congratulations to Matt for getting first place in BSP in his STI, hopefully by next event I'll be more prepared so I can give you a run for your money! All of the event results, including final, PAX, and raw are located here.Below are some videos of the event. I wanted to try out taking a "driver shot" angle to see if I happen to have any bad habits, or I'm not looking ahead enough, so it was interesting to compare myself to Bob. Many people left by lunch time as it was just too cold out, so I only have three videos. As usual, check out Ed Savage's photo gallery with some amazing pictures of the event. Test & Tune tomorrow, so let's see what we can figure out!

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