April 24, 2011

Renegade Miata's Test & Tune

Here it is everyone, the day I've been waiting for! As much as I love points events, I've been really looking forward to testing out various setups for quite some time now (especially since I never got to take my last RX-8 to a test & tune). Ben and Brian both got to take her out for a spin, helping me narrow down some changes I should focus on. For the most part, Serenity seems to be very balanced and needed only a few minor tweaks. Comments I received were
"The brakes stop yesterday."
"The car turns in amazing, just point and go."
"This has more power than I expected, it is definitely not like my old RX-8!"Overall, a setup we decided on as a good base point for events is the following:
  • 10 clicks from stiff front
  • 6 clicks from soft rear
  • Rear swaybar set to soft
  • 28 PSI all around
Thanks again to everyone for the help! Below are some videos from the event, with all of my videos residing on my YouTube page. You'll notice in the morning the course went one direction, and then in the afternoon we were setup to run it backwards for a faster course. Ben set the Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) in the morning course in my car, so I'm pretty pleased considering I still don't have all my parts… yet. On Ben's third run, it seems the R compounds got too hot and it ended up turning into a little drift show for corner workers.

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