March 21, 2011

Slowly Reaching The Goal

Whew.. I've gotten a lot done the past week or so to the car and just wanted to take a moment to post some quick pictures. Big thanks to Jeff, Mike, Shane and Jordan for all the help in making this project go faster. Started off with the stainless steel brake lines and clutch lines with Jordan. Then, Mike swapped the rear brake calipers to my other ones (painted black), installed the two-piece rear rotors and pads. Then Jeff managed to figure out how to put together the new Ohlins as the instructions for them (with things like the delrin adapters) were less than helpful. Shane mounted the battery in the stock location and drilled holes through the stock battery box, and tied it down tight. We then managed to swap the OEM pulleys to the new SpeedSource pulleys. I can't remove the A/C just yet though unfortunately as I forgot to evacuate the system first.Lastly we patched up the interior again by installing the harnesses and fixing the airbag warning for the steering wheel, as well as getting the horn to work. I'll be writing up a DIY for that very soon.Everything is coming along smoothly though so I'm pretty excited. Once I finish swapping out the rear differential, and get back in the front control arms with the new delrin bushings, we can start putting in all the new suspension, finish up the front brakes, and then a full brake/clutch flush. I'd say this is the only real "big" part of the project, as the rest of the things going on are just small one-offs here and there. Stay tuned.

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