April 25, 2010

SCCA NER Second Points Event

Talk about a great event today! I would have to say that today was by far, my favorite SCCA event to date! Everyone was completely in-sync with each other, it flowed very quickly with next to no delays, we ran 4 heats with no problems and the course was actually long for once! Big ups to my co-driver Shane for doing awesome today and to Chris for letting us use his Go Hero camera again for some awesome footage!I came 1st place in SM today! Unfortunately it was not against the beast Nissan 240 as it had blown the engine last event, but it was against the same drivers never-the-less! Talk about an action packed day that I'll let all the video footage do the talking. PJ also took a run in my car for his final run due to "mechanical issues" with his Infiniti G35... Mechanical as in wanting to have some fun! Final raw time results are listed here, pax time results listed here, and the overall final results are listed here.Below the videos from the day are posted. First three are my afternoon runs, with the 3rd one being my fastest run of the day but plus one cone (and man I over cooked some turns!). The next three are my Co-Driver Shane's videos with his afternoon runs, with his last video being his fastest run of the day. Then one video of PJ taking my car out, in which was also his fastest of the day! I noticed he accelerates a lot more than I do, so that gives me more confidence for next event that I can push the car a bit harder, especially on my exits. Lastly is two videos of Gunner in his C Stock RX8. When I took a ride with him, I'm not used to body roll so much anymore that I actually got winded and almost lost my lunch!

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