April 11, 2010

First Points Event With SCCA NER... Problems

Can it be Saturday again? Please? I think today was just not meant to happen at all really. A lot of power steering issues which had the power steering cutting in and out during the race, which left both me and Shane fighting to keep the car straight. The wind kept blowing over the timing equipment everywhere which caused major delays in the entire event, the starters were sending cars dangerously close together, Shane's numbers were apparently too small but no one mentioned it until after we finished our morning runs… yeah, it was a mess.We decided to leave early with these power steering issues and the fact that everything else had pretty much gone wrong. Course was pretty fast though, wide open. My fastest time was a '61 which placed me 4th in SM out of 8, only a few milliseconds behind 3rd place. Granted everyone else got their five runs, I would have to say I did pretty good for only getting three runs in. Here are some pictures to go with the event.
The final results here, pax time results here, and the final raw time results here.

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