April 9, 2010

Return From SFR

After a few weeks in the hands of master mechanic Bill Gendron of Small Fortune Racing, the car returns home. For starters, the fancy aluminum intake was wrapped in insulation to prevent the intake turning the cold air it draws in, into hot air. Looks like a dryer duct, but whatever gets the job done, right? For the feet of the bolt in rollbar, Bill had welded on what could only be best described as "support braces" onto the bar. This is supposed to help increase the rigidity up by 300%, as well as increase the safety of the rollbar as well.

Lastly, I got a full alignment along with a nice refreshed corner balance due to all the weight the car has lost recently. I'll be getting the specifications from Bill soon, as well as the weight of the car. I will also be dropping it back off at Bill's for my full exhaust setup in the near future, but more details on that when the time comes!Speaking of cold air earlier, I decided to see how my cooling setup is doing lately with my adjusted fan settings. At 86 degrees out, cruising on the highway in 6th gear, I was seeing coolant levels between 170-175. I'd say the car is ready for the weekend events, but I still feel that awkward "heavy" feeling when turning the wheel from time to time… reminds me of when I was losing the power steering before.

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