August 5, 2009

Cooling Issues - Resolved!

Looks like we lucked out as it just merely took some detective work on our end. Over time, I noticed that my coolant temperatures were a lot higher than other RX8 owners that had my setup. I was seeing, at 81 degrees out on a overcast day

208 idle
203 cruising street
197 cruising highway
215 redlining

We had found out that both low and high fans were set to turn on at 207, would would make sense why my idle was so high, as well as other tempuratures. From there, we tuned the tempuratures down to mimic the Racing Beat ecu tune. The fans now are set so that the low turns on at 184 and the high turns on at 193. The results were, on similar day and temp outside as above

185 idle
180-183 cruising street
180 cruising highway
201 redlining for a lot longer then above.

Instead of the temps spiking, it would slowly increase..the redline was going for quite some time to even see 201. I also purchased a new radiator cap that raises the pressure from .9 to 1.3 from Cusco (we originally thought it could've been a bad cap, but really it was the fans). So for now, this setting should work out great, especially for Divisionals coming up. Stay tuned for me getting the car ready on friday! Enjoy the picture of my newly finished rear seat/trunk delete picture from Josh.

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